Dancing Bears Music Class

Dancing Bears Winter 18

Registration is now open for Winter Wonderland I. Classes begin on Tuesday, January 9th and will be offered at 9:30 - 10:1510:30 - 11:15

During this 6 week program we will be exploring the wonderful world of music making with a variety of musical instruments, finger plays and movement activities.

For children ages 6 weeks - 4 years old, Dancing Bears Music offers caregivers and children a wonderful opportunity to sing, dance and have fun while learning in this one of a kind music program. Dancing Bears Music'c Winter Wonderland CD was created by Award Winning Songwriters and local NJ musicians Chrisie Santoni and Craig Smith. You will receive a CD/DVD and Mini Tote as part of this program.  Come Join the FUN!

Classes take place at the Jennings Road Recreation Center, 385 Jennings Road in Manahawkin.


To register, visit www.dancingbearsmusic.com